Areas of interest

Information representation and search. Computational biology. Adaptive and evolutionary systems, particularly for search. Fitness landscapes and combinatorial optimization. Connections between evolutionary algorithms and heuristic search algorithms of AI and OR. Evolutionary biology and its connection with computer science. Complex adaptive systems and computational modeling. Algorithm design and analysis, particularly comparison-based algorithms for sorting and searching. Operating Systems. General theory of computer science, including automata theory, graph theory, combinatorics, programming languages, and memory management.



Jon Software & Fluidinfo timeline In March 2006 I founded Jon Software S.L. in Barcelona and later Fluidinfo Ltd. in London. These companies are working on the ideas I developed in 1997 while at Teclata and which I first implemented in 1998/9 at UCSD. The general area is search and the dynamics of information. We have developed a base architecture and are now working on a first application, planned for launch in 2007. The companies are privately held. Secondary Management Infrastructure Fund I consult for the Secondary Management Infrastructure Fund in London. I mainly deal with high-level IT issues, including helping them to move their IT in-house, migrating to Linux, IT hiring, and with a small amount of customized Zope, Plone, and Python hacking. University of Cambridge From August 2004 to August 2007 I was a research associate (i.e., postdoc) in the Department of Zoology at the University of Cambridge (UK). In a group of four, I did research on infectious diseases (particularly influenza), using a technique we call antigenic cartography, in which virus strains and antisera are viewed as a population of points in a high-dimensional space (determined by multi-dimensional scaling). This involves visualization of the evolution of virus strains over time; identification of upcoming epidemic strains, particularly in relation to vaccine design; processing of haemagglutination inhibition assay data; and attempting to quantify and understand the relationship between changes in the antigenic and genetic and spaces. The most visible outcome of this work is our ongoing work with the WHO every six months to select the H3 strain for the human influenza vaccine. One of our group, Derek Smith (also in Zoology at Cambridge) attends the WHO strain selection meetings with the antigenic maps we produce, and with about ten others helps to decide the vaccine composition. About 250 million vaccine doses are made per year. We also work on producing antigenic maps for H5 pandemic strains, and for influenza virus in other species, especially horses and pigs. Universidad de Pompeu Fabra From 2004 to 2006 I was a part-time professor in the Department of Technology (more or less Computer Science) at the Universidad de Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. I taught the first-year Ph.D. class on Theory and Algorithms.


Eatoni Ergonomics I was the Chief Technical Officer, acting Chief Operating Officer, and a board member of Eatoni Ergonomics Inc. in New York during 2000-2004. I led the design and implementation of Eatoni's software products and directed the technical team, ranging from 3 to 8 developers producing embedded software for extremely restricted computing environments. Our product achieved high penetration and sales in the cordless digital (DECT) phone market. I was the technical lead in ensuring portability to architectures including Windows, Linux, 8051, ARM, CR16B/C and several others. I was responsible for design and implementation of all aspects of intranet, network security / firewall, database, automated software quality control and testing, configuration management, website traffic analysis, automated documentation, implementing enhanced client reports functions with additional programs, software packaging and delivery. I co-authored and presented research papers, and co-authored patent applications. I oversaw web site creation, linguistic research, bug-tracking databases, outsourced development projects, and the development of several demonstration programs. I was closely involved in successful negotiations with mobile and cordless phones manufacturing companies including Siemens, Philips, Panasonic, Sanyo, Alcatel, BenQ, Vtech, and Sagem. I was the technical contact with all contracts. I was closely involved in product pricing strategy, company financing, and budgeting. I created and maintained the company stock option plan and wrote code to model company finances and capitalization structure. I was involved in investor relations, hiring, contract negotiation, IP portfolio development, technical sales and marketing, and working with external PR, accounting, and legal firms.


University of California, San Diego I was a postdoc at the University of California, San Diego in the Department of Cognitive Science, supervised by Jim Hollan in the Distributed Cognition and Human Computer Interaction Laboratory. There I worked on the development of a novel representation of information, and completed the design and implementation of a threaded TCP/IP client-server architecture providing access to information stored in this format. This was the continuation of a project begun in Barcelona while running Teclata. Implementation involved database design, networked query receipt, parsing, and processing, development of a remote procedure call library, various forms of inter-process communication, the design and documentation of several layers of higher level APIs, and the development of a variety of application programs to illustrate the possible applications of the underlying architecture. The system provided for objects composed of a dynamic set of attributes and values. This generalized current methods, making it simple to build informational objects that allowed collaboration, sharing, and multiple simultaneous organizational views of information. This work was driven by interests in changing the way people work and program, and in building architectures to allow us to look at information differently. I am very interested in how this format might change the way we work and program, and in building alternate architectures to allow us to look at information differently.


Teclata I owned and ran Teclata in Barcelona. Teclata was a small web design and ISP company that I co-founded with Ana Mosterín in March 1996. I did many things: running the company in general, financing, marketing, pricing, strategy, sub-leasing bandwidth, supporting co-located servers, and hiring. I looked after or organized all technical needs: running the web server; generating HTML; writing CGI programs; network security, kernels, PPP, ISDN, FTP, sendmail, pop, named, intranet, a modem pool, etc. In 1998 we sold Teclata to Filnet so I could move to UCSD to pursue more research work. Chiliad I was the Chief Knowledge Engineer for Chiliad, an internet publishing company we launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 1997. Chiliad was based in San Francisco, London and Aix en Provence, with development mainly done in Teclata's offices in Barcelona. Chiliad is now based in Massachusetts. I was responsible for the design and development of Chiliad's original product, a networked modular content and authoring system. I also evaluated, integrated and customized third-party search engine software, and maintained the company web site. Università di Modena I was a visiting professor in the Dipartimento di Economia Politica at the Università di Modena, Italy. I gave two special short courses (8 ninety minute lectures) on Evolutionary Computation in April 1996 and May 1997. The 1996 course, and some other lectures I gave in Italy during that time are described here. Junkbusters I worked as an occasional internet proxy and security consultant for the Junkbusters Corporation in New Jersey. I provided low-level advice on HTTP proxy deployment, and participated in the design and coding of the Internet Junkbuster, an HTTP proxy for web browsing with a variety of privacy options, including cookie removal, advertisement blocking, customized browser identifiers, and referrer settings.

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